Tales of Dorune

Raiding the Keep

The next decision the group made was to enter a secured door in the room where the goblin sharpshooters had come from. Behind this door was a crypt which hadn’t been entered in some time but was not abandoned. The moans of the undead were audible and the group readied for a fight. They made short work of the the first few zombies they confronted but as the ascended the stairs and turned into the main burial area they noticed a serious threat. A four-armed, scimitar wielding skeleton who seemed to somehow be smiling. Baruc charged in to confront it as the others got caught up in a mass of zombies. He landed a vicious series of blows on the creature. Rhoghan tried to shout a warning, “Watch yourself Monk, that is a..”, but before he could say “Tomb Guardian” the monster cut Baruc to shreds in one brutal assault. Arken rushed in to help his friend as Rhoghan and Tyrric mopped up the rest. Arken fared little better, quickly getting himself cut to shreds and nearly becoming unconscious. Rhoghan and Tyrric were finally able to focus their attacks on the Tomb Guardian and with the blessings of Bahamut on his side the Dragonborn Paladin Rhoghan felled the creature. Rhoghan and Tyrric helped tend to their allies wounds and decided to secure the tomb and rest for a short while.



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